Improving Everyone's Health with Artificial Intelligence

What if we could make healthcare smarter and more customizable for everyone? We will.

Anthem AI will work to demonstrate how cognitive technologies can analyze individuals' unique data to build complete, personalized healthcare profiles that can help them stay healthier.

Our Partners Share Our Passion

We've learned that human-centered design thinking can help our organization get the most out of cognitive technologies. In this spirit, Anthem is partnering with other companies at the forefront of the AI revolution to continuously improve our AI and develop solutions which support our goal of improving everyone's health.

One example is Anthem's collaboration with, a blockchain-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform that connects people, data scientists, developers and the healthcare industry to improve patients' future health outcomes.

Snap to It

Can a selfie help guide decisions about your health? A algorithm trained with over a million faces might just have the answer.

Nothing to Sneeze At

What if clinical trials were focused on individuals, not populations? Check out our industry-leading data trial with that will help participants predict allergy risks.

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Say Hello to the Future

What if we could create a 360° view of patients to make accurate diagnoses and determine the best treatment? What if we could consolidate a patient's data into a single hub and use algorithms to discover hidden patterns? What if we could generate personalized health insights and make them easily available to everyone? At Anthem, we're working on a technology to make all these "What Ifs" a reality.

AI Could Soon Reshape Entire Economies and Societies

We believe that the collaboration between humans and machines can create a form of collective intelligence in which the strengths of one will counterbalance the weaknesses of the other.

"Today's deep learning neural networks can be trained on millions of electronic photographs to identify faces, and similar algorithms may increasingly be used to navigate automobiles and identify tumors in X-rays."

Rajeev Ronanki SVP and Chief Digital Officer

Strength and Intelligence

Safe and Secure Data

At Anthem, we are dedicated to leading our industry in the safe and responsible use of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies to create a healthier future for everyone. We'll work to ensure that all data captured will be safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Attracting the Best Talent

The world's leading developers are currently working with AI to revolutionize technology in virtually every industry. By embracing AI enterprise-wide, Anthem will become a desired destination for developers everywhere who want to push this amazing technology further.

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Our Ethics

Discrimination in emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be a concern for everyone. That's why Anthem is dedicated to achieving the highest standard of ethical and unbiased AI.

We believe in democratizing data in neutral, secure, scalable environments for curious minds to dig into the data and help us solve healthcare's biggest problems.

The Digital Data Sandbox

Discover insights, build and train algorithms, and validate solutions on the Digital Data Sandbox, the first free, certified de-identified private healthcare data set of more than 45 million individuals over 12 years.