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Calling all data scientists, researchers, and technologists at health innovation startups and universities. Join us at the Anthem Israel Data Challenge.

In the United States, 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death within the United States. Today we're using cutting edge technology such as AI algorithm to achieve better patient outcomes in detecting and diagnosing breast cancers. Israel is evolving into an important hub that champions healthcare innovation and technology.

Our vision is to be the most innovative, valuable and inclusive partner in addressing the challenges facing healthcare today. We're excited to provide the global healthcare community with an opportunity to help us push the industry thought leadership in detection of breast cancer recurrence, oncological characterization, and evaluating associated treatment efficacy.

Real Data

67,000Breast cancer regimens

Our de-indetified data treasure trove

12 YearsOf data research

Expansive and careful collection of data

14 MillionPatient
Claim Lines

Data on people with breast cancer

250KOncology Biomarkers

Enabling predictive

We're Launching the Anthem Israel Data Challenge

This challenge will be to create an algorithm for oncological, claims, labs and pharmacy data that predicts the probability of breast cancer recurrence. We're here to help the global healthcare community fight breast cancer and achieve better patient outcomes.

Judging Committee...

includes Anthem leadership, leading Israeli VC's, health services organizations universities, and more. The judges will decide on the most innovative and best-performing models. The criteria is based on novelty, innovative use of data provided, technical elegance and proof of correctness.

The Challenge Winner...

Winners will have the opportunity to work with Anthem and run a pilot with their model and/or their startup's digital health product, and receive exposure to the US healthcare system and other Anthem thought-leaders within the space.

Ready to change healthcare?

Registration closes January 9th. The challenge launches with an onsite event in Tel Aviv on January 21st and runs through March 19th with a Gala event for judging and announcing winners.

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