Ethical AI Are You Ready to Join the Movement?

Take on the challenge of uncovering insights and connecting them to pragmatic solutions that deliver more affordable, higher quality care for everyone. Join the movement where we will tackle AI challenges together. One such challenge with AI is that discrimination can accidentally creep into algorithms. Unimpeded human assessment is essential, as it's the only means we have to ensure full-spectrum inclusion.

"For centuries, scissors were designed by right-handed people... It took someone to recognize that bias."

Fei Fei Li Chief Scientist for AI at Google Cloud Computing

Humans Are Essential to the Evolution of AI

The restricting nature of data-driven machine learning means that successful, unbiased implementations will require human engagement. To combat this problem and get the most out of cognitive technologies, Anthem is making our workforce more diverse and involving people in every stage of our development process. This way we'll build AI systems everyone can trust.

AI Will Help Solve Some of the World's Most Complex Problems

Direct human evaluation and interaction is the only way to ensure diversity in perspective and consideration of new ideas that lead to meaningful impact for consumers.

Bias Will Be Eliminated by Those Who Commit to Fairness

Join us in our mission to come up with groundbreaking new ideas and prevent discrimination in AI by signing our pledge.

Are You Ready to Join the Movement?

Let's vow to work together in creating new algorithms to make healthcare better for everyone and eliminate bias in AI. We accept responsibility for ensuring machine neutrality and collectively maintaining rigorous safeguards against discrimination in our code, design, workforce, and machine learning innovations.

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Get Involved in Inclusive Technology

Anthem encourages everyone to support the Algorithmic Justice League (AJL). The AJL is playing an important role in shedding light on existing biases while working to develop tools and best practices for discovering and correcting them.