Discover unexpected connections.
Validate new insights.
Deploy on the Anthem platform.
Reach millions of lives.

Welcome to the Digital Data Sandbox, Anthem's free rapid insights discovery engine that enables solutions to some of healthcare's most complex problems. One of the world's largest certified de-identified commercial data sets, the Digital Data Sandbox offers the unprecedented ability to discover insights, build and train algorithms, validate solutions with Anthem experts and deploy those solutions in the real world.*

We are so much smarter together.

Anthem is making health data that has been certified as de-identified available to researchers and for integration with publicly-accessible datasets. Now, data previously locked in silos is available in one centralized environment for crowdsourcing fresh insights into healthcare's greatest challenges, like reducing the cost of care, improving health outcomes and providing the best member experiences.


The Data Sandbox is a secure and governed environment in which certified de-identified health data is provisioned to vetted users. The data, which has been stripped of direct identifiers, is made available for projects that seek innovative solutions to the complex issues of healthcare.


We currently have over fifteen projects completed or in progress and are looking for more. Bring your own algorithms into the Data Sandbox, where your intellectual property will be kept behind a neutral firewall.


The Data Sandbox features state-of-the-art data science tools, scalable compute power and the ability to validate your algorithms on demand with real health data from Anthem and publicly-accessible databases.

Build on the first free, certified de-identified private healthcare data set of more than 45 million individuals over 12 years.

Medical Claims

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RX Claims

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Lab Data

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Longitudinal Data

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Create New AI Models for On-Demand Insights

Collaborate with us by bringing your own algorithms into the Data Sandbox.

Work confidently in a secure environment

Health data is made available in a locked-down environment with granular security, auditability and access controls.

Scale your models with integrated data science tools

Your favorite data science tools are available in a scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment that accommodates varying compute power needs.

Access support from our team

While our health data is presented in an easily-digestible format, our team is readily available to help you fully understand both the Data Sandbox platform and data as you tackle your use case.

Integrate with publicly accessible datasets

Our datasets can be layered with many publicly-available data sources, such as CDC and FDA datasets, to enrich your findings and create new AI models in the Data Sandbox.

For a detailed overview of the data set that includes field breakdowns and lab test examples, download the Digital Data Sandbox Public Dictionary.

Download Dictionary

Our Data Sandbox In Action

Help us discover unexpected connections and solve complex questions in healthcare.

Predict recovery and readmission rates by disease state.

Proactively identify at-risk populations.

Uncover leading indicators for hard-to-diagnose diseases.

Join us in making healthcare proactive, personalized and predictive.

Just bring your big ideas, algorithms and curiosity. We have the Data Sandbox and the digital platform. Let’s work together to discover new insights, deploy solutions and change healthcare.

If you’d like to mine the Data Sandbox for insights, share your information and a member of our team will reach out to set up a call. All users must undergo screening to ensure use case fit and sign Anthem’s Workspace User Attestation Agreement before onboarding.

Don't worry, we won't sell or share your information.